The possibilities:

  • A name on a t-shirt
  • A name on a towel
  • A name on a sports shirt
  • A name on a bathrobe
  • A name on a blouse
  • A name on a shirt
  • A name on a body warmer
  • A name on a flag
  • A name on nearly anything you like


No set up costs, you pay per letter with a minimum of 4.

If you would like more articles with the same name, we give a discount for 10 items or more.

We can also deliver you a towel, body warmer, etc. with a name. (you don’t have to provide your own towel, body warmer, etc.) Those prices are on request, because we have different qualities.

The costs to send the parcel is € 7.95 for 5 kg (In Holland). Do you have a bigger order, then we will pay the extra costs to send it to you.

Terms of delivery

You tell us what you would like to have (size of the letters, color, do you or do we have to deliver the towel, body warmer etc.) We give you the exact price. When you give a written agreement (or by e-mail) and you have transferred the money, we will send you the order.

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