A embroidery pattern of you own picture

Your favorite picture in cross stitch.

A memory for years and years.

We can make nearly anything you want.

When you send us a (digital) photo by post or e-mail we will go to work. When you send us a picture by post, it’s possible that the quality won’t be as good as you expect, because of digitalizing the picture. A digital photo is the best solution, because we don’t have to convert it.

We can also take out a part of your picture to convert in an embroidery pattern, in which it’s possible to retouch people or the background.

You tell us which material (DMC, Anchor or Madeira) you want to use, how many cross-stitches per centimeter you would like and the size of the embroidery pattern. Then we will see if it is possible to get a good result. When it’s not possible, we will contact you to see how we can get the best result.


foto borduren

We can also give you advise when you don’t have any experience with embroidery, because everyone can do it.

When you want to go straight to work when you receive the pattern, we can also send you all of the materials.


What we will send you by post or e-mail:

For most sizes of the pattern, for all of this you pay € 27.50

If you would like an extra large pattern, it costs € 3.00 extra.

When you would like an embroidery packet, we will give you the costs of it, before we will make it.

Motor borduur Ajax borduur
fotoborduren Most sizes of Embroidery pattern 27.50
Extra large embroidery pattern 3.00
To retouch 5.00
Change colors 3.00
Complete embroidery packet 72.50
Delivery by post 1.76
Delivery complete embroidery packet 3.50