Ladies and Gentlemen!

I would like to introduce you

to my colleagues from the puppet theatre!


We are all hand made, designed by La Payaso.

We are 19.5 inch tall and extremely suitable for professional use. The interior work, designed by La Payaso, assures freedom of movement and a quick change of puppets.

Our heads are made of a special material which keeps our weight very low. We weigh approx. 8 ounce, with the exception of “Sinterklaas”. This puppet weights approx. ….ounce.

When used normal, we have a long life span, as we do not break easy.

Our hands are made of textile fabric. This way you can put something in our hands by using Velcro or sewing it onto our hands temporarily.

Kijk gerust eens rond op deze site dan ziet u gelijk dat wij al met veel plezier een poppenspeler hebben gevonden. Het is namelijk zo dat La-Payaso voor u speciaal de poppen naar wens maakt en dus ook geen enkele poppenkastpop op voorraad heeft.

So Ladies and Gentlemen!
Look around so you get an impression of the possibilities. La Payaso creates the puppets according to your wishes, so we do not have any puppets in stock.


You can tell us exactly what your puppet should look like. We will make it for you. A mascot of you company is also a possibility. The clown of the puppet theatre is an example of that. We are always receptive to your ideas or wishes.

You can buy us from € 69.50 excl. BTW. But I can not interfere in the financial part. La Payaso can tell you everything about that.

Are you interested or do you have questions, please mail to info@lapayaso.nl or call 0031(0)6 2244 3337.


Click on a picture for more samples.